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Curly Snap Spoon 9.75 x 2 x 1 Curly Snap this is exceptionally curly wood from Australia the bowl lip and the top of the handle are the wonderful natural surface just under the bark of this wood - SOLDPhotography by Jim Osborn.

Donated to raise money for Fuller Craft Museum. Fuller Craft Museum, in conjunction with Skinner auctioneers, is participating in an auction of a select group of contemporary crafts. Items auctioned are donated by those amongst us who are eager to promote contemporary craft to the general public. The auction will be conducted by Skinner as part of its 20th Century Design sale on Saturday, June 28, 2014, at its downtown Boston gallery. All items included in the benefit auction will be illustrated in the online catalog for the sale, and a selection of items also will be illustrated in the full-color printed catalog. Not only will the auction be live in Boston, but it will also be available on-line at the time of the sale. Advance bids will be welcome as well.

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