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Algerita Spoon (Arizona) - 7.25 x 2 x 1 – there are many things I like about this little spoon – on close inspection this wood is amazing with pleasing detail when you look hard – the form is really graceful and natural – I’ve been using notches here and there lately and they appear in a new place on this one – I also like how the yellow sapwood almost circles the bowl but yields to the brown heartwood on the left side - $1100 - RETIRED.  Photography by Jim Osborn.


Note: This spoon and two others were accepted by the jury for the West Virginia Art and Craft Guild 10th Competition. They were exhibited at three locations in West Virginia starting with the Parkersburg Art Center, November 15 to November 27, 2014. The show then traveled to the Wheeling Artisan Center, January 15th to February 21, 2015 and last to the Huntington Museum of Art, March 7 to April 5. Two of these spoons will be for sale in those venues rather than from my site for the duration of the event. Details of the Parkersburg Art Center available  here.


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