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"Backwards" - Honduras Rosewood Scoop - 10 x 3 x 2.75 - Honduras - For any person who takes pride in their awareness of wood and how it grows this scoop should be a mystery notice that the sapwood is on the inside of the scoop bowl - if you were to look back at years of my work you would see sapwood always shown on top of handles, around the rim of bowls, sometimes on the back of spoon bowls but never uniformly on the inside of a spoon or scoop bowl - I noticed this odd feature on a Honduras Rosewood board many years ago but had forgotten that I had it and a shop clean up this winter reminded me of why I had purchased that piece the scoop has horizontal flutes across the back of the scoop making an interesting serrated edge for the top of the scoop the wood is beautiful - "Backwards" is supported by an ebony rest that was not used in the photo - $1800 SOLD.  Photography by Jim Osborn.




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